Our projects

Here you can get an idea of ​​the variety of projects already carried out. Remember that sites vary widely in functionality and graphics depending on the client.

TripOrTrek - Travel blog and storytelling

Complete re-do of an existing domain with articles’ import and new pages, totalling of 300+ url; bilingual website with interactive custom maps and lead generation. Media content created or edited accordingly.

Caccia Agricoltura - Farm Ecommerce

Ecommerce on WordPress with custom functions for quick-buy and ability to request a deliver or pickup for farm’ products. Management of products, orders and clients.

The Outlierman - driving accessories

Management of a bilingual ecommerce and blog on Shopify: graphic bugs fixing, store updates and custom functions creations (rent & drive), optimizations.

Telly Fitness Experience - Personalized Training

WordPress site with questionnaire functionality and ecommerce with digital products visible only with link.

Price Markets - Broker

WordPress site with many pages and with menus categorized by macro areas. Graphically modified logo with CSS animations.

Buono Costruzioni srl - Construction Company

Low-cost site built with Google to recover a disused domain and provide basic company information. Few features and no graphic customization.

New Hope - Software Sales

Ecommerce of digital products with simplified checkout, redesigned from scratch from the initial website built in Tilda. It has icons and images made and personalized by us and integrates a dynamic translator.

LCF Associates - Law firm

WordPress showcase site with carousel of images and few descriptive pages. Classic contact form.

Le Ali delle Farfalle - Social Promotion Association

Ecommerce (with blog) in PrestaShop with a heavily modified theme to adapt it to the initial requests. It features custom functions integrated manually.

Primal Projects - Alternative information

Blog on WordPress with many categories and other static information pages. Graphically adapted to follow the required style.


Ecommerce site in Shopify reworked by the existing to improve the consultation and comparison of products (with YOUTHQUAKE).

Slanciamoci - No profit association

Charity project, built in WordPress thanks to information retrieved from the previous site (with YOUTHQUAKE).

Ilaria&Niccolò - Wedding

WordPress site focused on the event, built with an elegant and essential theme to provide useful information and be reachable with a contact form.

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